Saturday, February 19, 2011

Differences Solve Mysteries

    I vividly remember standing over my grandmother's bed, tears pouring down my face, as she took her final breaths of air. Just like many others, her life, too, was cut short because of cancer. All throughout the world, scientists are frantically trying to find a cure for the ferocious disease before it takes any more lives. One such researcher may have found it.

    Just recently published, a researcher in southern Ecuador, may have found the cure to cancer and diabetes – dwarfism. In a city where cancer rates our high, the one-hundred dwarfs that live there have not developed signs of cancer or diabetes. After studying these people for twenty-five years, Dr. Geuvara has come to a conclusion. The mutation that causes dwarfism, may also prevent cancer.

    A few years ago at University of Southern California, the same finding was found, but in mice. This confirms what many believed. With this information, drugs can be made sooner, trials can be performed, and more lives can be saved. But what if these drugs don't work? I am an optimistic person, but still, what's next? Do we have a plan "B" for all of those people who have put their trust in us, or are we going to start mutating genes so everyone is a dwarf?

    Then comes the next question. Would you want to be a dwarf for your whole life and be guaranteed to not have cancer? Or would you rather roll the dice and take your chances? Dwarfs don't live as long, but cancer puts many through a lot of pain. Either way this is a huge finding and needs to be expanded upon.

    We may have the dream of solving the problems of cancer within our fingertips, we just need to jump and grab it with our hands.

Click here for the link about the finding.

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