Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Over

This past weekend, was filled with many goodbyes. As a junior with a lot of senior friends it was often sad to know that none of them would walk the same halls as me next year. The girl I have been friends with the longest graduated. Another one of my friends left to bike across the country, and I will probably only see her for a week before she leaves for college, many miles away. To say the least, there were a lot of tears shed and heartfelt goodbyes. My two best friends also spoke at graduation, almost bringing me to tears. I know they will be gone next year, but I know I will stay in touch with them, as we are that close. It is the others who I’ve seen and said hi to daily, which I probably won’t see again. The students in which I have cordial conversations with, who have probably influenced by decisions and in some cases my life, but with them, it is goodbye forever. So thanks, seniors, for being role models for me to look up to and be inspired by.
As I wrap up this assigned blog and reflect on what I have written, my blog will not be a final goodbye. Blogging has helped me track the people I have met. Without blogging I probably wouldn’t remember the little things in life. Those people who come and go in a day, but make you think anyways. I will no longer blog three a week. However, I will blog whenever I meet someone I need to remember. As I continue to travel, I hope my blog follows. Maybe I will even make a new blog for traveling purposes only. Whatever I decide to do, I hope you follow. Because maybe my slight insight into the world will lead you to a better understanding of life.

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