Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let the Leaders Lead

    As school elections are coming up and people begin signing up for positions there is something nagging at me. Some students throughout my high school have worked incredibly hard to have a good reputation and help improve the school. These students are the ones who have wanted leadership positions all four of their years and for their senior year this is their final chance. Then there are other students who have held leadership roles and continue to work hard in those roles to maintain their position. These students have every right to hold their spot if they are accomplishing the tasks given to them. Finally, there are the students who party all weekend and have just realized they need to improve their grades for college and have some sort of leadership role. Unfortunately, they have realized all of this way too late. Colleges aren't oblivious when a student becomes involved in twenty clubs their senior year; it is obvious for the show. But these are the students who end up taking over the leadership positions. Since they have partied with everyone in the school, these students are quite popular. When people vote, they vote for their friends, not the best one fit for the job. In other words, the leadership positions end up in the hands of those who don't care and have it to just put it on their resume. Really?

    Whenever students do this, I am extremely frustrated. As someone who has worked hard, I realize what it takes and am willing to give everything my all. To be completely honest, I don't really care about my resume. I am confident I will get into college for doing the things I love to do. These positions should not go to the slackers. So a bigger question arises. Should the democratic process be applied in schools? Should there be some sort of application process instead, or will "teachers' pets" get all the positions? I think if we want the school led correctly and a representative organization in the hands of the students, it should be the best ones. No more of this "resume building" shenanigans; let the leaders lead.

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