Friday, April 15, 2011

Anti-Social Personality Disorder

    This past week in my AP Psychology class we were discussing many personality disorders. One such disorder was the anti-social personality disorder which causes people to not really have a conscience while doing things. The disorder affects many mass murders who have committed horrible crimes.

    While in class, however, our student teacher told us of one of the most famous murders. Our teacher discussed how he grew up ten miles away from the man's home. Sons of many of his teachers began disappearing. No one knew what was happening. People reported weird smells from this man's home, but the man was so nice, no one bothered to investigate. Eventually a search warrant was issued. Twenty-two bodies were found with lemons on them, hoping that would preserve the bodies. I find it quite frightening there are people out in our world who are this crazy.

    Maybe this explains why my mom is leery to let me travel or camp with my friends alone. However gruesome and unpleasant people like this are, we can't live our lives in a box. Can't students and parents alike use common sense? I have no interest in meeting mass murderers, I do however have interest in meeting others. So if someday I happen to stumble upon a mass murderer, I will be polite and smart about the situation, because I can't live my life sheltered. Going out into the world is when one learns the most.

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