Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prom?: Part II

The list continues:


  1. If the girl you want to ask plays a sport, bring a poster with prom on it to an event. Go to the sporting announcer and have him announce there's a special poster for (insert girl's name) in the crowd. Have her look up into the stands and stand up with your poster. There is no way she'd be able to deny you.
  2. Find a local place in town where she goes a lot. Make sure they have a sign that can be changed. Change the sign for a day asking her to prom. Have her meet you there for something. With so many people driving by, it would be tough to say no.
  3. Buy a cheap alarm at a local store. Put the alarm under her first hour desk and set it for the middle of class. On the alarm put a post-it note asking her. Don't find it alarming, but you will have a date for prom.
  4. Send the girl on a scavenger hunt. Plan places with riddles and things she has to figure out. At the very end, spell prom somewhere and be standing next to it.
  5. Buy a local newspaper and in the very center of it write "PROM?" Be sitting in your desk at school and say, "Hey (insert girl's name here). Have you seen the headlines?" Of course she will say no. Then say, "Well look at this," and show her the message.
  6. Buy a cheap puzzle at the store. Put the puzzle together and spray paint it one color. Paint a design with your asking on it. Let the puzzle dry and put it into a box. Set it on her doorstep and ring the doorbell and leave. Your puzzle of who to go to prom with will be solved.


These are just the ones I thought were cute and ended up well. I encourage every guy out there to be creative. The more creative and personal you are, the more likely she is to say yes and be excited about going with you. And please, don't chicken out. Every girl wants to be asked and guys are responsible for doing so.

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