Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Reality of the Situation

    Today in my Advanced Placement Language and Composition class my teacher made a good point about celebrities; in order to be famous a celebrity has to have their fans and their enemies. This seems to be the case for Rebecca Black, possibly the newest YouTude sensation with her song "Friday." She is famous for this music video. Now personally, I think it is quite bad. Her voice is nasally, the video looks bad, and what's up with the random black rapper.

    Let's just take a look at the dynamics of the video. She waits at the bus stop for a convertible of her friends to pull up. The boy driving the car barely looks old enough to be in middle school, let alone drive a car. Black's side-kick dancers look like they're in pain just being near her, and they have braces. How elementary. She sings about Friday and the days of the week. Thank you Black, for telling me that Sunday comes after Saturday, I was a bit concerned it wouldn't happen this week. I mean really, let's be honest, how in the world could so many people want to watch such a bed video and now Black is a star? What has our society come to?

    Even though I don't think Black is great myself, the criticism she has received is just out of control. People are telling her they wish she dies. People criticize her voice. Some go as far to say she should get an eating disorder. Seriously? On the other hand there are those who love her. Weird right? Well, a star cannot be born without some like and dislike. Black's video has exploded on the internet. She is the next big thing. For the amount of money her parents have paid to make the hit single, she has become a millionaire. From nothing, to a star.

    In this video Black notes her reaction to all of the criticism. Of course she has cried. Her mother is furious with people all around the world. But when asked to sing the national anthem, her voice sounds substantially better than in any video. Was she just auto tuned too much?

    Behind all of the criticism and praise, I spot a star making a statement to the world. Black is still interviewing and doing what she loves despite the displeasement. Sure she has become a ridicule of schools across America, but by doing so, she shows strength.

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