Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prom?: Part I

    The time of year is quickly approaching. It's the time every senior girl in high school waits for – getting asked to prom. As the prom gets closer and closer, I continuously see people asking one another. There are so many cute ways a guy can ask. Regardless of how hard the initial asking may be. I highly encourage every guy to ask someone. And don't just walk up and ask her. That is completely lame. Being asked to prom is something every girl will remember; so make it awesome. Composed below are the top eleven coolest askings I've heard about or seen so far in my high school career.


  1. Light a bunch of candles outside in the shape of "PROM" for her to see. Either do this in her driveway or somewhere where she is likely to walk soon. Stand by the candles until she gets there. Lights out, you will have a date.
  2. Ask the girl to give you a ride somewhere that you know both of you are going. Leave a general item in the car such as a notebook. On the back of that item write "Prom?". When she picks it up and flips it over, she will notice what it says and come back to say, "Yes!"
  3. Although this is a generic one, it always seems to work. Get some window paint and decorate her car. To make it a little cleverer do something to make you stand out, such as standing on the top of her car or singing in the parking lot. When she sees what you have done, you will definitely have a ride to prom.
  4. Go to the beach with a group of people. Before the girl gets there write "PROM?" in really big letters in the sand. Suggest to play a game or something with the group and have someone say, "Woah. What's over there? Is that a sign?" Upon seeing the words in the sand, the girl will say yes.
  5. Have a bunch of your friends get white t-shirts. On the front, have each friend write one letter to her first name. On the back have each person have one letter of the word "prom" and any question marks or exclamation points for left over letters. Have your shirt be an exclamation point and stand at the end of the line. Line up in a hallway or in her garage. When she opens the garage door, have everyone face forward. As soon as she steps out of her car have everyone but yourself turn around. It will be a sure yes.

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