Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hard to Imagine

Just imagine losing everything you own and are familiar with. This is the situation currently going on in Japan after the tsunami hit earlier this week. The worst damage I have ever had in my community is a powerful flood wiping out the entire downtown district. Aide to the area was numerous, but as we approach the three year anniversary, we are forgotten. I didn't lose anything in the flood, so putting myself in the perspective of such is hard. I can't even imagine. As Japan will soon find out, every country will rush to their aide, but in a few years, just like my own community, everyone will forget.

But let's focus on the present. People are displaced from their homes and water is still covering everything. Take a look at these before and after pictures. Crazy right? A nuclear power plant has a chance of erupting, possibly eliminating Japan and affecting China. Two of the three most powerful economies in the world. We will without a doubt feel a financial hit.

Do we really understand the severity of the situation? Most Americans have never been through such a disaster. How could they possibly know. I mean there are fundraisers and donation requests all over the internet, but do people disregard these? In total, it doesn't matter about those other people who choose to ignore the disaster. We need to be the role models for those people and take a stand. People over there are dying and risking their lives to save others, the least we can do is donate some of our funds.

Let's take a second to put ourselves in their shoes. Life must be horrible losing everything you once knew. Your house is gone, your community is gone, your city is gone, and you just saved yourself from being gone too. So instead of being the greedy Americans thinking me, me, me, let's be the giving ones that say, "I'm here to help," and help permanently. I know this isn't in our nature, but someday I hope to find someone who does just that.

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