Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Citizens Who Never Receive A Thank You

    Yesterday I had my first drug test to get a job. I have never done drugs in my life nor do I ever care to. I am pretty much an anti-drug freak. I refuse to take aspirin, and when I get sick I prefer to not go to the doctor because all they like to do is prescribe drugs. Most think I'm crazy, but I believe that any unfamiliar substance I consume is detrimental to my health. And I'm not going to lie. I was scared to go to this testing. I kept on thinking what if they mix my test up with someone else's? Or what if I have had something, even though not drugs, but it shows up as drugs? I haven't yet heard the results of my test and I'm positive they will be fine, but let's discuss this experience as a whole.

    I went in for my interview on Monday night. This was a group interview and kind of strange considering everyone had to answer the same question in a circle. I of course was first and my answers were pretty good considering how easy the questions were. I want to become a lifeguard and there's a skills check session I need to attend after I'm hired. I'm a little nervous for the skills check as I haven't used my skills since November, but with some review I will be fine. They told me at the interview that I need to go for a drug check the following morning. This is a little inconvenient as I had to get up at five just to make it to the screening place before school.

    When arriving at the lab, the ladies behind the desk didn't have my information. Creating a frustrating situation for me, they decided to test me anyways and call the city later in the day. When I was called back to go "pee in the cup" she explained the instructions and turned the water off so I couldn't tamper with anything. Problem was, I couldn't fill the cup. Having gone earlier that morning, I was incapable of filling the cup at all. I resorted to an embarrassed smile and handing her a half full sample. She was capable of stretching out the sample (thank the Lord), so I was able to leave. Now it's waiting time of whether or not I get the job. I'm confident that I will be hired because they hire just about everyone, but there's still the chance I may not.

    More so, however, I would like to talk about the ladies who work at the lab. Quite incredible people, wouldn't you say? I mean, I know that they are not saving the world or changing lives or anything like that, but it takes a lot of gut to deal with urine everyday. Most people probably go into that lab and treat those ladies rudely. Some of the people find it funny to mess with them if they are drug users creating even more issues. But I think these are the citizens who never receive a thank you. Don't they deserve one? These very special ladies keep job situations in check, making sure that drug users are not being hired, especially if they plan on going to work under the influence. They truly keep environments in check and are the true, quality citizens of working situations.

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