Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Truth Prevails

    There's always the one person in a grade who has a bad reputation or just is known for sleeping around and partying all weekend long, you know the type I'm talking about. They're the ones who wear way too much makeup and always seem to wear clothes as simple as a t-shirt in a slutty way. They even seem to suck up to teachers in the creepy-touchy way, making everyone squirm in their seats. Well no one who isn't already friends with that person ever thinks they are going to talk to that person, however this idea is wrong.

    I try to talk to whoever. I like to talk and many people have stories to share. Well there is this girl in one of my classes who has the bad reputation of the grade. I truly know she is a smart girl, but got mixed with the wrong crowd and tends to follow their lead on the weekends. If only she could see her own potential. Anyways, I attend a kickboxing class during the week and she happens to be in the same class as me. She has always been nice to me and says, "Hi." I run with one of her friends and asked if she was some fake person or something and the answer was pretty much she has her enemies and friends due to the things she does.

    Today, when none of my friends I do the kickboxing class with showed up, I talked to her. Interestingly enough, she was incredibly nice. I know she's known for being fake and everything, but still, she was acting genuinely nice. We talked for a bit about our post high school plans and believe it or not but she has dreams of making a difference in the world just like myself. She told me how her sister was in the Peace Corps and the way the experience wasn't all her sister had ever imagined, but she still wants to join someday and clean drinking water for children. The girl with the bad reputation wants to be a environmental engineer.

    After our talk I realized even more so just how much potential she has. We can all fake who we want to be and get mixed in with the wrong crowds, but this doesn't mean our dreams change or intentions go askew. The truth prevailed; she was just an ordinary girl with a bad reputation who will most likely make a difference someday, and then everyone will see her true colors.

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