Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In A Snap

    Last weekend a group I am apart of had our first round of interviews for some grant money we are giving away. Until we began to interview different groups, I never realized how much good is happening in my city in which I had no idea about. I have always known that the city I reside is fine, but I guess I never fully understood the capabilities the people within the city had to make a difference.

    There is one interview, I'm not saying it was good or bad, but it stood out. The man came in dressed in overalls with a big smile on his face. Not typical interview attire. As we began to talk to him, within a split second he began crying. Flustered ourselves, we frantically began flipping through the books we had and writing down random words. He was crying for something he is passionate about, but was this crying staged or necessary? As he calmed down and told us the ideals of his project, we continued to look around flustered. When the man left the room we erupted into whispers of shock. Asking one another if what we thought just happened actually happened, and sure enough it did.

    This experience and man I met reiterates the concept that anything is capable of happening within a snap. As humans we need to be prepared for anything and everything because within a snap everything can change.

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