Sunday, September 26, 2010

Be Who You Want: Part I

People are constantly telling one another, do not judge a book by its cover. Of course we all fall into the mistake. Constantly we judge one another based on appearance, ideas, and values. We find others to make fun of to help overcome our own imperfections and differences, just to make us feel better. This last summer, though, I came across someone who inspired me even more so than usual to not judge others.


During the time between the school sessions, I find myself constantly learning. I participate in programs where I meet people from various backgrounds and situations. When walking into the room the first day of these programs, I am clueless and lost. I know absolutely no one in the room and to be honest I am extremely scared. I overcome fear by opening up my mind and talking to everyone. This is when I tend to meet the people who change my life.


For this particular program last summer I met a guy who seemed incredibly nice. The first thing I noticed about him was an amazing smile. His smile seriously lit up the room. As I began to learn more about this guy (for purposes of this blog I will call him M) it became blatantly obvious that he was gay. Never really having a close interaction with gay people I didn't know what to think. The topic of homosexuality never came up at family dinners. I never spent time talking to my friends about if it was okay for people to make this choice. I really don't know how my church feels about this issue. I guess it was just something I never came across. So after meeting M I was forced to think about how I felt about homosexuality and my opinions on the issue.


Within the days I spent with M I decided homosexuality is a fine choice for a person to make. Although others may not agree with my opinion, which is probably the case in most circumstances, I have decided people can make this choice as long as no one is hurt physically. I don't want to observe homosexuals making out in parks, but the same goes for straight people. These actions of public affection do not need to be witnessed by the world. Either way, every person has choices to make in their life, and if someone is more "in love" with their same sex than the opposite, then let them be. Their happiness is not affecting anyone in the process.

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