Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where My Heart Rests

    I grew up in the city. I moved at age 8. After that I didn't quite remember what it was like. That was, until this last summer when I found where my heart had been resting the whole time - Chicago. As a young child, many of us do not remember the detail of different experiences. For instance, you probably could not tell me what you received for your 2nd birthday. This was the same for living in the city. I could recount certain events, the life altering (at the time) ones, but could not tell you the layout of my bathroom in which I used every day. So this last summer, time was spent recreating memories.

Walking through the city streets gave me a feeling of comfort. The sky scrapers that graced there air, became a blanket while walking. I felt as if I was protected by this city feel; as if nothing at all could really harm me. Lake Michigan provided me with the refreshing water-smelling air. It's beauty was deceiving, though, because the residents of the city did not keep the waters clear. Trash littered some beaches, and going into the water was a mystery for when coming out. The water was freezing, and the windy city nickname was prevalent for those who emerged soaking wet and shivering. None the less, the city had everything I love, helping me to once again find where my heart was resting.

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