Sunday, September 12, 2010


Throughout my life I have been very fortunate and had many opportunities to travel and meet various individuals with incredible stories. Each individual I have come into contact with has, in some way, had an impact on me as a person. Whether small or big, the many people I have interacted with transform my mindset. I believe that every person has a story to share to help the world grow. This blog will be dedicated to these people that have morphed me and continue to impact me into the person I am today. An emphasis will be made on this blog to highlight the people I have met in my travels. Hopefully, readers will be able to see the need for diversity in the world. After recounting the people I have and continue to meet, I will go on to evaluate places for further travel and the people and cultures I hope to interact with in those countries. The world is a big place with many people to learn from, and maybe, just maybe, someday I'll meet every person...

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