Saturday, October 9, 2010

Insight for My Future

    So my journey of meeting new people continued throughout the summer. Through different learning opportunities I experience, there are, of course, mentors. The mentors in the programs have this burning passion for the program and have this unconditional love for what they teach that typically isn't found in the classroom. (This is the case, usually, because these teachers are teaching kids who want to learn and be there.) One mentor I had this past summer was not the typical teacher type (I will refer to him as C).

    First off, let me describe to you his appearance. He was extremely tall and extremely skinny. Like so skinny that it was most likely dangerous to his health. He was also a vegetarian, which might have something to do with how skinny he was. C had longer hair, as for a guy. The hair was long enough to pull back into a pony tail, enough said. His clothing was the hiker type. Like the lets throw on a t-shirt and cargo shorts with hike boots in the morning before I go to work. This style is also known as the "I like to wake up five minutes before walking out the door." And when first meeting him, I seriously thought I was talking to this really laid back guy, almost hippie. Like someone who loved nature to the extreme and couldn't have a care of anything else in the world except for nature.

    When working in the classroom with C, he liked to ask questions. His questions were not to make us repeat memorized information, rather to make us think. This kind of thinking would further be used to solve problems later in life. Finding C as an admirable person for his teaching strategy, among other things, I decided to ask C about his career path; I would like a profession such as the one he holds someday. Before I knew it, we were talking about college.

    C told me how during his senior year of high school he didn't really know what to do with his life. He had always been interested in nature, but beyond that had no idea. One thing he did know was where he wanted to go to school. Not remembering the name, we will call it School A. School A, C had visited multiple times and fell in love with its location and the activities around it. When C finally sent in his application to School A, he was put on a waiting list for acceptance. Devastated, C ended up going to School B. A smaller school and not in the location he had wanted to go. Turned out, though, C fell in love with School B. The people who went to the school were right for him. C fit in well and having a lower teacher to student ratio, C thrived. Needless to say, C loved his college experience and realized it was a blessing in disguise that he did not get into School A. This, in turn, led him to tell me that when looking at schools, look into all the aspects of the school, because the least likely one may be the one you fit in best at.

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