Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Than Winning a Sporting Event: Part II

The men underground were all heroes. Each and every one of them proved to the world a unique ability found only within our species. The ability to have hope. There were some of the stories that struck me hard.

    Of the 33 men underground, one was a physician and another was a physical trainer. This may have been one of the multiple reasons the men survived. The physician did a physical check up on each male every day. This checkup was to ensure their health and make sure no one got sick. One of the miners was diabetic. The fact that he survived to be healthy is incredible. The physical trainer, kept the miners in shape. Being in such a confined area, the miners spent much of their day sitting. By making all of the men do a workout each day, the trainer kept their muscles working and capable of performing tasks. The physical trainer helped in the weight loss part for some men to make sure they would be able to escape through the canister that everyone else would ride to the surface in.

    In the face of all the events with the miners, there is one story that made me question whether experiences like this bring out the good. Supposedly, all of the families of the miners would hold their pictures. The wife of one of the men, realized that another lady she did not know was holding up a picture of her husband. The wife asked the lady how she knew her husband. As it turned out the other lady was her husband's girlfriend of five years, that she did not know about. This situation must have been extraordinarily depressing for the wife. Learning that not only her husband was stuck underground, but had been cheating on her for five years, she must have been furious. It was clear that her husband was lying to her, but did this situation bring out such horrible news? Needless to say, the wife was nowhere to be found when her husband was rescued.

    Then again, there were heartwarming stories. One man's child was born while he was underground. Being unable to witness such an important part of his life, the man did make some remarkable decisions. He decided to name his daughter Esparonza, meaning hope. The only thing he wanted, was to be able to eventually meet his daughter one day, that day eventually came.

    The miners were told they would not be rescued until at least Christmas. The workers prevailed against the dangers of our earth and were able to rescue them much sooner. When deciding who was to go to the surface of the earth first, numbers were drawn. A member of the rescue team was descended into the ground to help with the rescue efforts below. What if he was to be stuck under there forever? What if the machine broke and multiple more months passed before seeing daylight again? Good thing these things didn't happen, but they had to be crossing the worker's mind. And as each individual person was rescued, one at a time, an hour for each, the men resumed their lives.

    The events that occurred with the miners is a milestone for our world and the people involved. The rescue process shows the technological advances of today's society. Even closer, the rescue proves to the world that anything is possible. The miners proved to the world so much more. They proved that hope truly can make a difference. They showed us the result of never giving up this quality. The miners are all heroes. Enduring the impossible, at the time, to live. I really hope to confront one of the miners one day. So that maybe someday I will meet every person, especially the ones who have showed so much to the world.

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