Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leadership: Step Up

As a cross country runner, leadership is hard to come by on our team. Runners usually are a certain caliber. We all tend to do quite well in school and most of us are the top of our class. Many of us are also quiet, though. And those of us who are not quiet, are not very fast. So the top runners tend to lead by example. This is fair enough, but when it comes to meets, a runner who is vocal is needed.

    Our coach takes the initiative to appoint a leader. And leadership is not a position that can be appointed. A person either has good leadership skills or does not. It is as simple as that. The girl he appoints is a horrible leader. She is a senior and thinks she is all that. She treats us as if our opinions don't matter, and whatever she says our coach agrees with, which only encourages her to make us even more mad. Let me give you an example. Before one of our races, when getting off the bus a bunch of us had to use the restroom. She told us all to hold it and we would go after we warmed up, and of course our coach agreed. Well about a fourth of the way through the warm up, a bunch of us ditched to go use the restroom. Within five minutes she came to the restroom too. This got us all really mad because she was the one who said to wait until we were finished to use the restroom. Even worse, when she was in the bathroom she told us to wait for her, but once she was done she wouldn't wait for some of the girls who weren't finished. All of us being mad at her during the race didn't help, as we were so frustrated we couldn't concentrate. I'm not putting a blame of our performance on anyone, but it just seems that one of the girls who is a leader, should step up and not let the situation continue. It's that easy.

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