Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas: The Time to Give

    There's no doubt about it. It's all over news channels, plastered in newspapers, and talked about at company meetings; Christmas is the time for giving. But hearing this makes me wonder, why are other times throughout the year not a time for giving? Don't get me wrong, it's good for everyone to give, but why not the whole year long?

    Being involved in many volunteer clubs and organizations, Christmas is by far our busiest time of the year. We ring the bell for the Salvation Army until our toes go numb. We have thousands of dollars to spend on needy families throughout the community. We wrap presents to help raise money for different organizations. All of this stops at the ending of Christmas. Granted a lot of these things can only be done during the Holiday season, but why don't we find things to do throughout the year? People who are in need don't just stop being in need after the holidays are over.

    Another thing that amazes me is how all children want to do is get. My sister comes home from school talking about what she wants for Christmas and not what she wants to give others for Christmas. However last year me and her had a very memorable experience of giving. We bought thousands of dollars in presents for a single mother war veteran and her two children who had just escaped domestic abuse from the father who denied the children their toys. As we watched the women sob, unwrapping her presents and being so grateful for everything we had done for her, we somehow felt connected. I would think my sister would remember this when being so greedy. But she doesn't. Is this because that time of giving has ended for her? After a year passes without helping the community, she forgets. She forgets that there are so many needs in the community.

Wouldn't it be great if we could instill this giving sense throughout the year? Not just only in children, but in everyone. So I ask you, the reader, keep the giving spirit alive after Christmas. This task may be hard but I know you can do it. And myself, as the writer, will try to do the same.

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