Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Real Heroes of the World: Part II

    Sal Giunta came back to his hometown and a parade was thrown in his honor. I decided it was my duty to go and show my support with my friends. Turns out it was "too cold" for some of them to go. I ended up only going with one of my friends, freezing my butt off the whole time. It got to the point where I could no longer feel my toes. The truth is, though, my friends should have gone. Giunta could have easily said that it was too dangerous to serve in the armed forces. He took four bullets for our country! And some of my friends thought it was "too cold" to support him. Yeah right.

    To an even bigger disappointment, when walking to the parade route, all I saw was elderly people. I didn't run into a single person from my school. Giunta graduated from MY HIGHSCHOOL and no one from there came. Where is our patriotism, people? The older generations seem to understand the importance of protecting the country, but what will it take for my generation to? Although the answer to this question is undefined, any change has to start with me. I need to boost my patriotism and show my respect for those who have fought and are fighting. This can start with a simple letter thanking them for their service.

    Sal Giunta was without a doubt, a hero. He deserved the Medal of Honor, but when receiving it, he denied its value. He felt that everyone who serves in the war should get one, because anyone would do what he did if put in that situation. But being an even bigger person, he said it was a message to all the soldiers; it was all of theirs. Because without them, Giunta would not have been able to do what he did. Giunta gave others credit before taking any credit for himself. That is a true American.

    Someday I hope to meet Giunta and not just wave at him riding along in a parade. He's inspired all of us to become better Americans, whether we know it or not. Most importantly, though, he is a true hero for all of us to look up to.

Here is a link I found that shows just how important what Giunta did is to our country:


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  1. Wow. Venting much? That parade rocked and you don't need to be so mad some certain people skipped... We became TV stars without them and met our true love:)