Saturday, December 4, 2010

Strangers That Make the World Go Round: Part II

My dad arrived and took over the helping part, as I was probably not the best suited for such a job. Before I knew it, two other cars stopped and men got out to help too. They weren't men I recognized and the whole process took a half an hour, but they all helped. There were plenty of cars that passed the ditch in which my car rest. They didn't stop to see if we needed anything, but they were not obligated to. Soon, my car was rescued and everyone left.

    I was able to thank one of the men before he left, but I never got the chance to thank all of them. Now reflecting on what happened and the men (who I will never know their names) who helped me "just to be nice", I wonder in a situation like this, will I be one to stop and help that person, stuck and hopelessly lost, or will I be one to drive on, hoping that the next driver may stop and help. I want to be the one to stop, help, and make that person's day. I will never forget the events of today. The men who helped me are engrained in my mind. Their acts of kindness will never be forgotten. Because it is men like those, who truly make the world a better place, but most of all, make the world go round.

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