Saturday, December 18, 2010

Your Choice: Part I

    The news recently reported Iowa football players suspended for drugs. A student at my high school was recently caught with drugs in his car with intent to sell, and who knows where he is now. I was recently asked to write an essay about prejudices I see in our community and I chose the topic of drugs and how people who are of lower incomes levels are portrayed by media sources as "druggies". The issue of drug abuse and use throughout the community and country has risen. The question isn't whether drugs should be legalized because they are illegal for a reason. The question is what we can do to solve these problems in multiple individuals.

    Just this last weekend I attended a meeting where a group of high school students got together and talked about problems we see in our schools. Coming from very diverse schools in our communities we all had different opinions and major problems we saw. Among the biggest were drug use and alcohol consumption issues. These problems have been around for years but have recently inclined. If the problems have been around for years, why haven't they been solved? And all this drug talk reminds me of a person I met a while back to defined resistance and power. Her story encouraged me to not fall into peer pressure and not follow the crowd.

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