Saturday, December 18, 2010

Smoking Disrespect

    Yesterday was one of my annual Christmas present deliveries to the families in need. Although the ending to the story is delightful the process of getting to the house was insane. I'm going to skip ahead a few details just spare you some craziness. Ultimately I ended up in a snow bank on the families driveway. Three teenage boys smoking got out of their car to help me and my friends. Instead of reacting in thanks when we were freed, we reacted in disgust, to their smoke. We were unthankful and reflecting upon that feeling, I am disgraced with myself. I could've at least said thank you.

    But then I got to thinking about how not very many teenagers smoke cigarettes anymore. How a few years it was a craze, but since kindergarten it has been pounded into my head that cigarettes are bad, to the point that I can't even respect someone who is smoking. Also, public smoking bands are making people hate those who smoke more and more daily. So is the strategy working? In a sense yes, as I know I will never smoke. In another sense, no, as am no discriminating against these people. Can't there be a happy medium?

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