Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Like an Angel

He walks very distinctly down the streets of the city, never using a car or public transportation. I see him at just about every school event. He sits in the stands, clapping and cheering on the student talents. If I go to church lunch on Wednesdays, he's always there. Chuck, probably the most dedicated supporter of my high school is truly remarkable.

    When I first started attending the church I currently attend, I always saw Chuck there. He stood in the corners or sat in the back, quietly adding his input and being made fun of by the pastors. He became the escape goat for all humor, but he didn't care. The church made up his family and pretty much his life. Each Sunday he would bring donuts to youth group, which wasn't necessary at all. Despite that fact, many students looked forward to the donuts in the morning.

    As I became more involved in the church and began to inquire about Chuck from my pastor, I learned that Chuck was comparable to an angel on earth. Chuck would walk everywhere. He doesn't live in the downtown section of the city, where our church resides, and would walk about 10 miles just to get to church, although he does have access to a car. The church I attend is not located in the best area, but Chuck would walk through the area anyways, knowing that God was always with him.

One day while walking across the busiest street in the city Chuck was hit by a car. A teenage driver ran into him and offered to take Chuck to the hospital. Chuck refused the offer as he did not want to get the teenage driver into trouble. Who does that? Basically bleeding out in the middle of the city and he refused a ride to the hospital. When finishing his walk home, Chuck collapsed. He fainted and was found later by the security on a college campus he was walking through. Immediately sent to the hospital, Chuck was diagnosed with broken ribs, a punctured lung, and other complications. A mission trip with our church was scheduled to leave the following day to New Mexico. The group was pretty much going to the desert to build a church. Practically dying in the hospital, Chuck begged to be released to go help people there. Isn't that incredible? He clearly didn't care about his health; he just wanted to do the duties of the Lord. Since Chuck was not allowed to go on the trip for perfectly obvious reasons, he held a grudge against our pastor for the longest time.

But there is so much more to Chuck than the big stories he cares never to tell. Each Christmas, Birthday, and Easter I receive a card from Chuck in the mail. None of this is necessary, but that fact that he takes the time to do such a nice gesture is really sweet. Even the student that interviewed him for this article written about him receives a card. Or is it more amazing to me that he still goes to students sporting events who have already graduated from high school. The man seriously never stops his support.

I think the most valuable thing about Chuck is that wherever I am, or whatever I am doing, I know I have his support. Even when going to school events, I always know there will be someone I know there. He will be sitting right in the front row. Practically next to the student section, and cheering on the teams and performers, in a way that truly makes me glad to know such a fantastic man.

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