Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let’s Be Adults Here

    Tonight I attended my first official "adult" meeting. I am on a committee in planning a future competition for middle school students. Of course I have previously participated in the competition, or else I would not have a care in helping. I grew from the experience and I'm sure the children this year will too.

    I was warned a few weeks ago before even going into the meeting. My former teacher told me, "They all act like children in there. None of them want to step up and do anything." Tonight, however, I truly understood what she was saying. When going around the table and saying their roles, some paused as to think what their role was. Of course that flashed red lights in my head as it was obvious who the slackers were. Then when trying to figure things out, they argued on how situations should be handled. But should it really be their decision if they are truly not contributing the necessary amount of time to helping the program excel. I mean, come on. Then about 15 minutes before the meeting was over, one of the committee members had her coat on and was ready to leave. It wasn't like she was cold or anything because her whole notebook was closed and everything. This truly got me upset.

    I am a student volunteering my time. I feel as if my roles are just as important as those who have major roles on the board of members. If I am giving up my time to dedicate to students, I expect people who are not even students themselves to do the same also. Putting on a coat to signal that a meeting should be over is just rude. Being on a team of ten and having only two of the people doing most of the work is just wrong. Adults should be adults and kids should be kids. Working hard to accomplish the appropriate tasks should be their responsibility too. I'm a student and quite possibly, almost most likely, have more going on in my life now than any of those adults. So as a plea to adults out there; step it up, be committed, and don't let the students show you up. Someday, I hope that everyone I meet is not just about themselves and act their age.

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