Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ever So Clever

    Recent news came out about a bank robbery in Argentina. Some people rented a building next to a bank and dug a 100 foot tunnel to the bank where safe deposit boxes were kept. The tunnel, which took 6 months to build, was complete with ventilation and lighting. The suspects have not yet been announced and it is unclear on how much they went away with. This came at an unfortunate time for many of the people who bank there. With the recent financial crisis in 2001 many Argentineans have put their life savings in deposit boxes. I do need to give the thief's credit though, because this is a genius idea.

    And I know what you're thinking. Why is this girl writing a blog about such bad people she one day hopes to meet. Well that assumption is incorrect. I don't want to meet the people who robbed this bank and never hope to. Who I do want to meet, though, is those that are just as intelligent and clever, that they put their minds to something that helps the world instead of hurting it. If the bank robbers and others there alike had done just this, imagine where our world would be at today…wow.

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